We all know the "shout Freebird at the band until they get pissed off routine" - well, here's your chance for real. Ever think of a cover song you'd want to hear me sing? Show me your Freebird! Now is the time to put in your request. I will take song requests in order, or by picking my favorite one, learn the song, make a video wherever I am, with whoever I feel like playing with, and post it on youtube.

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For requests please post on the Miss Tess Facebook Page or send an email to misstessmusic[at] Who's up?



Freebird #22: Request from Aaron Fischer in Baltimore, MD
Watch---> "What A Fool Believes" by The Doobie Brothers
This song was recorded in Nashville, TN in April 2017 in the backyard of my house. This one sure was a hard tune to learn! Michael McDonald, you have a truly impressive and hard-to-emulate vocal range

Freebird #21: Request from Jack Eckerd in Richmond, VA
Watch---> "Neighbor Song" by Bridget Kearney of Lake Street Dive
I happen to know Bridget personally so this was a real treat! This song was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee in September 2015 in the stairwell of my house with my neighbor upstairs ;)

Freebird #20: Request from Bob Cue
Watch--->"Willin" by Little Feat
This song was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee in July 2015 with the mosquitoes and spiders, featuring Michaela Anne, Thomas Bryan Eaton, and the cicadas. Enjoy!

Freebird #19: Request from Alison Dreyfuss in Keene, NH
Watch--->"Heart of Glass" by Blondie
This is our first ever freebird recording in the tour van! Recorded while driving through West Virginia with Thomas Bryan Eaton (guitar), Matt Meyer (iphone drums), and Jared Engel (iphone Moag) on 3/24/12.

Freebird #18: Request from Vilray Blair Bolles in Brooklyn, NY
Watch--->"Why Should I Be So Lonely" by Jimmy Rodgers
I'm always happy to learn a tune by the great Yodeling Mr. Rodgers who wrote this song in 1930. Recorded at my childhood home in Derwood, MD with Thomas Bryan Eaton (marimba), Mom (banjo ukulele), Jared Engel (euphonium), and Dad (clarinet) on 3/7/12.

Freebird #17: Valentine's Day request from Andru Bemis in Michigan
Watch--->"Cupid" by Sam Cooke
Recorded at Foundry Hall in South Haven, Michigan with Matt Meyer (drums), Zachariah Hickman (bass), and Will Graefe (guitar) on 2/14/12.

Freebird #16: Request from Mike Calabrese in Broomall, PA
Watch--->"Night Life" by Willie Nelson
Ok so I've done two Willie Nelson tunes. So what. He's amazing! Recorded at the Calabrese residence in Broomall, PA with Matt Meyer (drums), Ari Fullman-Cohen (bass), and Thomas Bryan Eaton (guitar) for 2/8/12.

Freebird #15: Request from Matt Meyer Matt Meyer in Brooklyn, NY
Watch--->"Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy" by Buck Owens
Every once in a while I let a band member make a request, and since Buck Owens is one of Matt's favorite country singers, here ya go...happy holidays! Recorded with Kendall Eddy, Will Graefe, and Matt Meyer at Chris Cusimano's house in Rochester, NY 12/21/11.

Freebird #14: Request from "endorphin18"
Watch--->"Crazy" by Willie Nelson
It's not often you get abandoned in a theater with a bottle of Jameson after you play a show. This is why we love Unity, Maine. Recorded at the Unity Center for the Performing Arts at 1am 11/12/11.

Freebird #13: Request from Jack Eckerd in Richmond, VA
Watch--->"Holding" by John Hartford
I enjoyed this stoner gem from one roots-cult hero John Hartford. Recorded on a very warm November day live in front of Matt Meyer's house in Brooklyn, NY 11/9/2011.

Freebird #12: Request from Damian Kennedy in Oakland, CA
Watch--->"If Love is a Red Dress" by Maria McKee
It's been a while since I've seen Pulp Fiction, and had completely forgotten about this little gem nestled in the soundtrack. Recorded live from my bedroom in Brooklyn, NY 9/28/2011.

Freebird #11: Request from John Gilbert in Boston, MA
Watch--->"Streets of Laredo" (traditional)
This old traditional ballad covered by folks such at Johnny Cash, Eddy Arnold, Buck Owens, and Joan Baez, a request from John in Boston. This catchy tune was recorded at 12 Dexter St. with Chris Hersch, Joe Lurgio, Celia Woodsmith, and Sten Isak in Boston on 7/27/2011.

Freebird #10: Request from Xar Adelburg in Maine
Watch--->"I Ain't Got No Home" by Woodie Guthrie
I was excited to learn a song by such an American legend. This was recorded on my rooftop in Brooklyn with Thomas Bryan Eaton 7/6/2011.

Freebird #9: Request from Ben in Boston, MA
Watch--->"Jackson" by Lucinda Williams
This song was recorded in Brooklyn 6/29/2011.

Freebird #8: Request from Zachariah Hickman in Boston, MA
Watch--->"Maneater" by Hall & Oates
This is officially my first ever 80s cover. It was recorded from our vacation beach condo in Gulf Shores, Alabama 5/18/2011 with Danny Weller on bass.

Freebird #7 (oops I counted #7 twice): Request from Hector Casanova in Kansas City, MO
Watch--->"Give You My Lovin'" by Mazzy Star
Anyone going through puberty in the mid nineties probably listened to this song. Here's another apartment hallway recording, with Thomas Bryan Eaton on lead guitar. Even the neighbors came out to listen Brooklyn, New York 5/4/2011.

Freebird #7: Request from Aaron Keim in Boulder, CO
Watch--->"You've Got the Right Key but the Wrong Keyhole" by Clarence Williams
This song was originally sang by Virginia Lipson in 1923. It goes back to American vaudeville. This was recorded with mom and dad on 4/27/2011 in Derwood, MD.

Freebird #6: Request from Matt McDonald in Knoxville, TN
Watch--->"Day is Done" by John Prine
John Prine is truly a master of the simple man's song. I had never heard this one, but loved it! I thought it would be fun to record it on the fire escape outside my window in the sunshine. It was very sunny, windy and loud! Brookyln, New York 4/20/2011.

Freebird #5: Request from John Luhn in Peterborough, NH
Watch--->"Sophisticated Lady" by Duke Ellington
I've always wanted to learn this song -- such a beautiful tune by one of my favorite composers. This was recorded in my apartment stairwell in Brooklyn, New York 4/6/2011.

Freebird #4: Request from Randy Marx
Watch--->"Knot Comes Loose" by My Morning Jacket
I recorded it with Luke Richardson at my apartment in Brooklyn, New York 3/30/2011.

Freebird #3: Request from Danny, my bass player
Watch--->"Michelle" by The Beatles
Ok so maybe this is cheating because the request is from someone in the band, but we've kept Danny away from his wife, Michell, for almost six weeks. He accompanies on the upright bass, as does bandmate Will Graefe. This was recorded at Joey's place (from The Rum Drum Ramblers) in St. Louis, Missouri 3/23/2011.

Freebird #2: Request from Mitch in Norfolk, Virginia
Watch--->"Eveybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen
I've been on a real Leonard Cohen kick lately and have been meaning to learn a song of his. This was recorded at Connie's Place in Terre Haute, Indiana 3/9/2011.

Freebird #1: Request from Meghan Chiampa in Boston, MA
Watch--->"Mr. Blue Sky" by Electric Light Orchestra
I liked this request because it was definitely something I wouldn't think of doing on my own, and it's a little out of the ordinary from my usual repertoire. This was recorded at Gusti's place in South Bend, Indiana 3/2/2011.