New single premiering on Wide Open Country, featuring Rachael Price!


HELLO we got some exciting news today ~~~ Our first single "TRUE FLOOD" is now premiering on Wide Open Country. Check out this "grooving come-hither" below, featuring one of my best gal friends as a duet on vocals, Miss Rachael Price (of Lake Street Dive) ... and stay tuned for the official single release this Friday!

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First new album single "True Flood" out Sept 6!

“This tune started with a bass line. I was at a songwriting retreat on a rustic island in the middle of a lake in New Hampshire, fooling around on my guitar. I started making a basic demo and wanted to experiment with an interesting vocal harmony, so I asked Rachael (Price) to come over to my cabin to sing it with me, knowing she would be the perfect duet partner. Rachael and I have been friends and musical soul sisters ever since we started sharing a Boston apartment in 2005 as a result of a craigslist ad. We have a very similar singing background, and used to have a band together (The Sweet & Lowdown). When it came time to record she came down to Nashville and we cut the vocals live in the studio, both singing into the same vintage RCA mic.”

True Flood.jpg

December tour with The Stray Birds

We're super excited to hit the road next month with our pals The Stray Birds! Oliver, Maya, and Dom from the band played on our most recent album, so expect fun collaborations and we'll see you soon!

12.9 - Motorco Music Hall: Durham, NC
12.10 - The Evening Muse: Charlotte, NC
12.11 - Muddy Creek Music Hall: Winston-Salem, NC
12.13 - Gypsy Sally's: Washington, DC
12.14 - Tellus 360: Lancaster, PA
12.15 - The Burren: Somerville, MA (Miss Tess & The Talkbacks only)
12.16 - World Cafe Live: Philadelphia, PA
12.17 - Landhaven: Barto, PA
12.18 - The Creative Alliance: Baltimore, MD